I have been looking at menus on my desktop for a while now. I figured I may as well share them with you guys. 

These are menus from many months past. Some of them include some family events we had planned. So, excuse that. 😉 Some menus are only halfway done. 

I will include some links to recipes, as well.








Now being that there are a TON of menus and recipes on here, I cannot bring myself to put them in order from first menu to the last. So here are links of recipes, in no particular order:

Loaded potato casserole

Easy Ravioli

Chicken taco chili

Crock pot cheeseburger soup

Spicy chicken rigatoni

Crock pot lemon chicken

Crock pot cheesy chicken spaghetti

Hawaiian sweet roll ham sandwiches

Baked Italian chicken

Slow cooker cabbage rolls

Easy pot roast

Smothered beef burritos

Cajun lasagna

Cheesy corn casserole

Balsamic and onion pot roast

Shrimp spaghetti

Chicken enchilada spaghetti

Crawfish rice dressing

Dr. Pepper roast

Stove Top meatloaf

Cream cheese chicken chili

Pizza tot casserole

Cheeseburger sliders

Beef and broccoli

Crock pot chicken Cacciatore

Bubble pizza

Crock pot cheesy chicken and rice

Baked paprika-parmesan chicken

Stuffed crawfish bread

Cheesy rice and beans

Crock pot lasagna

I’m sure I left out some recipes, or have added some that weren’t on any of the menus. Feel free to check out my Pinterest recipes board





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