Freezer meals

I’m learning that you can take almost any crock pot recipe and make it a freezer meal. By that, I mean, combine the ingredients now so you can just toss it all into the crock pot together later.

Here are some recipes I put in freezer Ziploc bags over the weekend. I wrote the cooking instructions on the outside of the bags.

Crock pot beef and broccoli

Balsamic and onion pot roast

Crock pot Ranch pork chops

Italian chicken marinade (this one is not for the crock pot, but great for grilling)

Crock pot pepper steak

For these recipes, I put the sauces in separate smaller freezer Ziploc bags and put them inside the larger bags with the meat.

Crock pot meatballs (See this recipe to make your own meatballs to freeze)

Crock pot orange chicken

Crock pot salsa chicken



My favorite Pinterest recipes

I know it’s the middle of June, but I figured I’d put my menu-making skills to work anyway.

So upon the advice of a friend, I have created a board on Pinterest of recipes I’ve tried and approved for sharing.

Here is the menu I made for the rest of June, and you can find the recipes for these on my Pinterest board.

june 2013

So you’re looking at 4 chicken meals, four ground meat meals, two crawfish meals, two shrimp meals, two roasts, one pork chop meal and one meal with no meat at all.

The portions of meat depend on the size of your family. I can tell you that if you make the baked paprika parmesan chicken, you should double it unless you are only feeding one or two people. I cut the chicken into strips and nuggets, and it didn’t take nearly as long to bake as it says it will. So be sure to check the oven after about 20 minutes.

What I love about the cabbage rolls is that it’s a slow cooker meal and you don’t have to cook the ground meat beforehand.