Pinterest is my friend


(I love ecards, by the way. I also thoroughly enjoy making them. So expect many more of these.)

I was not schooled on how to be a wife. I felt very unprepared.

The first thing I ever cooked for Husband was a stuffed baked chicken when we were dating. He thought it was amazing and quickly declared “I’m going to marry you.”

But honestly, that was the easiest thing to cook. The chicken was already stuffed. Throw it in with some water and potatoes. Bake. Voila.

Until a few years ago, my cooking knowledge was pretty limited. Before we had kids, we ate a lot of pre-packaged meals. I can’t tell you how much money we spent on Totino’s frozen pizzas. I worked. Husband worked. It was pretty much “fend for yourself” most of the time.

Then children came along, and alas it was time for me to learn how to be a wife and mother. When I stopped working in late 2009, my focus shifted to my new full-time job – being a wife and mother before anything else.

Then I found Pinterest. *Cue up tempo music*

It took me a while to join Pinterest because it seemed to be mostly about crafts. And let’s face it, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body.

Then I discovered the “food and drink” category.  I could kiss the creators of Pinterest. I mean, practically any recipe I want is right at my fingertips! And free! I can afford that.

Husband couldn’t be happier. A new recipe every night. He was ecstatic!

And then in my efforts to save money on groceries, I started making menus using my Pinterest recipe board. I can make a menu for the entire month and get most of the ingredients in one shopping trip.

Here is an example of a monthly menu. I will try to work on a menu for this month (to share with you all) when I get some free, uninterrupted time, whenever that may be.

April 2013

Don’t judge me for misspelling broccoli. 😉

And as you can tell, I get tired and by the end of the month, we’re simply having some sort of fish.

Big shout out to You can create your own calendars and then print them. That’s what I was doing until my printer started hating me. (meh, maybe it just needs ink). Now, I’m back to sloppy writing on a dry erase calendar.


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